With an awning it’s you who decides how much shade you want on your patio.

Awnings are available with retractable arms or with drop arms. You simply choose the model that best fits your patio or shop front. The awnings we provide are wind-resistant, robust, durable and very elegant.

For optimum protection, a closed cassette awning is your best choice. When closed, the fabric and components are neatly stored within the head box and remain sheltered from the weather.

Abacus Blinds | Patio Awnings in Kent

The awning can be equipped with a Somfy motor with remote control. This guarantees a user-friendly and reliable control of the awning and of the valance (optional extra). LED lighting and heating can also be provided as great additions to the awning, allowing use during slightly cooler days and into the evenings.

The awnings are equipped with a high-quality acrylic fabric. This guarantees a high colourfastness and is treated against water and dirt. Within the collection you can choose from hundreds of acrylic fabrics, which best suit your environment.